Wahl Stainless Steel Comb Attachment Set for 5 in 1 Blades

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This set of 8 Stainless Steel comb guide attachments were designed for both the home groomer or the professional groomer.  They attach securely to the blade eliminating the worry of combs coming off, causing gouges.  The colour coding works as a quick reference and the convenient storage stand keeps them neat and easily accessible.

  • Glide through the coat quickly and efficiently for a smooth finish
  • Smooth tips for snag free grooming
  • Colour coded combs for easy reference
  • Convenient storage stand

These blade comb guide attachments work on all Wahl 5 in 1 detachable blade clippers, ie. suitable for Wahl Bravura, Bellissima, Acro, Chromado & Super Cordless Animal Grooming Kits. This Comb Attachment DOES NOT suitable for clipper uses A5 blades, eg Wahl KM2, KM5, Oster A5, A6, Heiniger Saphir, Andis AGC 2 Clippers.


Comb Size:

#1 - 3mm
#2 - 6mm
#3 - 10mm
#4 - 12mm
#5 - 16mm
#6 - 19mm
#7 - 22mm
#8 - 25mm

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