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Introducing Agi One Australia's First Keratin Alternative Smoothing Treatment

Agi One uses a unique technology that releases nanoparticles directly into and onto the hair shaft to smooth and condition hair.

This dual action technology enables hair to begin repairing from the inside while creating a protective layer on the outside of the hair shaft.

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Unlike traditional keratin treatments, Agi One is based on silk proteins and amino acids to aid the hair and its health. A key product feature is that it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde.

How Is It Different To Keratin-Based Treatments?
All smoothing treatments including keratin are designed to de-frizz your hair, and Agi One does exactly that, but that’s where the similarities end.

Avoid The ‘yucky’ 48 Hours
One of the worst parts of having a keratin treatment is the 48 hours straight after application. During this period you’re advised not to wash, pin-up or do anything that will affect the hair shafts.  Unfortunately, this means your hair may not look or feel that great for two days.

This isn’t the case with Agi One, which lets you enjoy the benefits of your sleek looking hair treatment immediately.

It’s Colour Friendly
Another big disadvantage of keratin treatments is that you have to wait after application for a week or more to have your hair coloured. You may also find with keratin that your hair colour is altered, and may appear brassier.

Using Agi One means that you can colour your hair straight after treatment and your colour won’t be detrimentally affected. Agi One blonde range also has a built in toning effect to eliminate any brassy tones.

Shorter Processing Time
Generally speaking, the whole process of applying a keratin treatment can take several hours to complete. The processing time for Agi One is considerably shorter and involves washing and conditioning your hair with the Agi One system products, followed by straightening.

The Results Last Longer
Agi One treatments last between three and five months, depending on how often you wash your hair. This is typically much longer than other smoothing treatments including keratin. Remarkably, each time you wash and blow-dry your hair after an AGI ONE application, the product will activate. Its effect will eventually fade though, over time. 

Agi One Smoothing Treatment
Agi One Smoothing Treatment
Agi One Smoothing Treatment

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Buy Agi One Online Australia
Buy Agi One Online Australia
Buy Agi One Online Australia


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