Traditional Barbers Shave Cream 400g


Traditional Barbers Shave Cream 400g

Traditional Barbers Shave cream lubricates the skin to allow smoother travel of the razor, ensuring fewer nicks and cuts. The bristle is softened for easier cutting. Coconut oil moisturises the skin, helping to stop skin irritations and dry skin.

Shave Cream Features

  • Creamy Lather Lubricates the Skin for Smoother Razor Action
  • Softens Hair Bristles for Easier Cutting
  • Contains Coconut Oil to Help Stop Skin Irritations and Dryness


Work Shave cream into a lather on the end of your moistened shaving brush. Wet the area to be shaved with warm water and then, in a circular motion, apply Shave Cream to the wet area until full coverage of the are to be shaved, is achieved. Now use your razo against the direction of hair growth, to give the closest shave result

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