Saryna Key Anti Skeptic Hair Strengthening Treatment


Saryna Key Anti Skeptic Hair Strengthening Treatment

For use on:

Thinning hair.

How it works:

The Saryna Key Anti Skeptic Treatment hair loss ampoules are based on natural herbal extracts and Tea Tree Oil combined with a complex of active ingredients the BETOFIX™ technology. This complex of ingredients strengthens the hair, preventing it from disconnecting at the root with extreme efficiency. BETOFIX™ technology's additional advantage is the ability to fortify and strengthen the hair shaft, creating a healthy, full and strong look. The Anti Skeptic ampoule provides the hair with an effective, gradual and long term hair-growth solution.

Directions for use:

Distribute the contents of the ampoule evenly at eight different points on the scalp, massage well for two minutes and do not rinse until the next time you shampoo your hair. In order to maximize the effect and efficiency of the treatment, it must be repeated twice a week. Each box contains eight 10ml ampoules.

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