Gamma+ Relax Silent 2100W Hair Dryer - Luxury Gold Rose Edition


The new Gamma Più technology that redefines the standard of silence in professional hairdryers.

From Gamma Più Research, the new Relax Silent Technology makes professional hairdryers much more silent without renouncing to high performances.

The accurate aerodynamic course of the air and the special turbo-fan, reduce the noise to just 64 dB! Absolutely the lowest noise level among all Gamma Più hairdryers.

By decreasing the noise in the hair salon, we reduce the risk of deafness, one of the most spread occupational illnesses. Less acoustic stress, more Relax.

The most silent.
For lightness and relax lovers

  • Relax Silent Technology: reduced acoustic stress, more silence in
    the hair salon
  • Joints are less stressed, as it is lighter and balanced
  • Electromagnetic pollution reduced of 97% compared to traditional hairdryers
  • High-performance in airflow, pressure and temperature
  • Eco-friendly: consumption limited to just 1900 W. Case and packaging are completely recyclable.
  • Grill coated in Silver nanotechnology 999‰: releases Ag+ nanoparticles


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