Andis US Pro Series Fade Blade (66230,73010)


Andis US Pro Series Fade Blade (66230,73010)

We’ve all done it. We’ve used clippers with blades that clearly need to be changed. You know how unpleasant this can be, both for you and the person whose hair is being cut. It can result in shaggy lines, ragged layers, and unhappy customers. Be a better person and don’t skimp on your blades.

Get yourself the best blades you can for your Andis US1 Fade adjustable blade clipper. They’re adjustable from 00000 to 000, so you can use them in nearly any situation. They’re made of carbon steel so you know they’ll stay strong and last for a good long time. This extends their edge life even more and the chrome finish resists rust. These are blades that are clearly designed to last. Why skimp when it comes to blade for your clipper?

Have a few of these on hand so you know you’ll never get stuck in a bind.

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