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With advanced nano particle technology, the Reconstructing Fluid penetrates into the deeper layer of the strands, releasing its active ingredients that act throughout its extension, creating resistance, shine and reconstruction, giving more beauty and revitalising your hair.

Agi Max Complex Post-Chemical Reconstructor 250ml

 How to use:

1 - Apply Shampoo to damp hair and massage until a homogeneous foam is obtained. Rinse and repeat operation if necessary. Remove excess water with a towel.

2 - Apply the faultless seal Rebuilding Fluid until the total absorption in the hair. Do not rinse.

3 - Dry 80% of the hair with the aid of a hair dryer. Divide the hair into 4 parts (from ear to ear and from the front to the nape) and apply and comb through the hair. Rinse thoroughly.

4 - Blow dry

5 - Finish with AGI T8 iron.


Resistant and hydrated hair with shine and  gloss.

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