Saryna Key Lasting Colour Conditioner


Saryna Key Lasting Colour Conditioner; Pure African Shea 500ml

Saryna Key Colour Last Pure African Shea Conditioner is made from the butter of the Shea Karite nut. Shea Karite has been a significant part of the beauty regimen of African tribal women for centuries. A rich source of antioxidants and vitamins A, E & F is Shea Karite. Saryna Key Colour Last Conditioner works to protect hair against UV rays and rejuvenate hair from the inside out. Saryna Key Professional is proud to introduce a range of beauty products based on Shea Natural keratin, nature’s story for beautiful, healthy, shiny hair.

For use on:

Color and lightened, normal to dry hair.

How it works:

The Color Lasting Treatment Conditioner creates a protective layer that enriches hair with softeners, vitamins and minerals. Along with Shea butter, this product uses cotton and silk proteins to help soften hair and restore moisture. The low PH levels ensure that hair will remain sealed and prevent the loss of active pigments. slssles, phosphate and paraben free

Directions of use:

After shampooing, massage thoroughly, leave in for 2-1 minutes and rinse well. Best results when used with the Saryna Key Color Lasting Treatment Shampoo.

The result:

Leaves hair soft, radiant and vibrant.

Use in conjunction with Colour Last Shampoo & Colour Last Shea Butter

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