Explore the AGI Amazon product range, a collection inspired by the Amazon rainforest's cacao tree-derived keratin technology. From transformative treatments to maintenance essentials, AGI Amazon brings the power of nature to your haircare routine. Experience the ultimate revival for damaged locks and indulge in the luxury of long-lasting shine. AGI Amazon, where the beauty of nature meets cutting-edge hair science.


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 AGI AMAZON 3D SHINE is the very latest in cutting edge keratin technology. It is derived from the Cacay tree which is predominantly found in the Amazon rainforest.

As we all know the Amazon was subjected to large scale bush fires last year and thousands of hectares of forestation was lost, so as part of the plan to reforest the Amazon the Colombian government have decided to replant a huge amount of rainforest using the Cacay tree. 


The Cacay tree produces a nut and from this nut comes an oil. The oil has become so popular and sought after that the income it is producing is now helping with funding of the reforestation of the Amazon. In fact, sales of the nut oil have soared 9000% in the last year alone.

By introducing AGI Amazon into the market not only are we looking after our clients hair we are also contributing to our planet in a very real and contributing way. The one thing hair and trees have in common is the ability to grow and so our contribution through AGI Amazon becomes even more significant.




The actual Vitamin E content within Cacay Oil is 50% higher than that found within the very popular Argan Oil. The natural retinol found in Cacay oil is nearly 10 times that found in Argan oil also. It contains more than 60% more vitamins and minerals than that found in Rosehip oil. Cacay oil has a high concentration of Linoleic Acid which is an essential omega 6 fatty acid which also repairs scarred areas.

Cacay contains more linoleic acid content than rosehip oil and Argan oil combined. Cacay oil is seen to be one of the most versatile essential oils as it not only is ideal for skin care but also it is known to aid with hair growth. It will add huge amounts of moisture to the hair whilst also nourishing the scalp and reducing flaky skin. It works on treating the cuticle and will prevent split ends by adding essential nutrients and moisture to the hair.

The more damaged the hair the better the results appear.So being able to combine the phenomenal potency of Cacay Oil with the Agi One heat activating technology we see this as the biggest leap forward in the keratin evolution. The exclusive patented formula combines Cacay oil with Collagen and shea butter as well a mixture of first-class fatty acids such as mentioned Linoleic acid.


Provides deep nourishment
Cacay Oil increases hydration and helps hair stay nourished in the summer heat and winter cold. Because it’s easily absorbed, it means you aren’t left with a greasy residue.

A natural source of Vitamin A and E
As a natural source of Vitamin A, Cacay Oil helps encourage hair growth production. Cacay Oil also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin E helps protect your hair from free radicals, which cause damage.

It’s full of Linoleic Acid
Linoleic Acid is an essential fatty acid which has helped Argan Oil become a firm favourite amongst hair care. The only difference is that Cacay Oil provides twice as much Linoleic Acid as Argan Oil.

Cacay Oil helps save rainforests
By choosing Cacay Oil, you’re directly helping to save the Amazon’s rainforests. Every day over 200,000 acres of rainforest are destroyed in what’s been described as an ‘environmental catastrophe’. The rise in popularity of Cacay Oil has meant that people who were harvesting these fast-growing trees for wood are now financially motivated to leave the rainforest and harvest the nuts of Cacay trees instead.


AGI Amazon - The Salon Deal.
AGI Amazon - The Salon Deal.

AGI Amazon - The Professional Salon Deal (SAVE $295)

AGI AMAZON Intense Liss
AGI AMAZON Intense Liss

Agi Amazon 3D Shine 1000ML

AGI Amazon deep clean shampoo. Keratin Shampoo
AGI Amazon deep clean shampoo. Keratin Shampoo

Agi Amazon Deep Cleanse Shampoo 1000ML

Agi Amazon shampoo - Professional keratin treatment
Agi Amazon shampoo - Professional keratin treatment

Agi Amazon Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo 500ML

AGI Amazon Conditioner - Professional Keratin Treatment
AGI Amazon Conditioner - Professional Keratin Treatment

Agi Amazon Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner 460ML