Autumn best hair colour trends for 2024 with Colour Ink

Unveiling March 2024's Hottest Hair Colour Ideas with Colour-Ink.



As we dive into the vibrant season of March 2024, the world of hair colour is buzzing with captivating trends and mesmerizing shades. Instead of googling “best hair colour near me” discover a spectrum of invigorating hair colour ideas with Hair beauty ink. Colours that will redefine your style for the season. At Hair Beauty Ink, we understand the significance of finding the perfect hair colour that complements both your skin tone and personal flair. Weather your question be what is the best hair colour for grey hair? Or What are the hair colour trends for women this autumn. We have got you covered! Literally!


Embracing the Latest Colour Trends:

Stay on top of the style game by exploring the latest hair colour trends that are making waves this year. From bold expressions to subtle enhancements, there's an endless array of options for mesmering  colour to dye your hair with.

Cool-Toned Brunette hair colour.

Brunette hair colour
Elevate your look with Rachel Zegler's cool-toned brunette hair colour, recommended by Madison Reed master colourist Shvonne Perkins. This statement brunette shade features violet-silver tones, exuding an icy and elegant feel that aligns perfectly with the upcoming fashion and beauty trends. To achieve this colour, ask your stylist for a cool, metallic undertone to minimize red tones. Maintain your cool-toned brunette with colour depositing glosses and specialized shampoos and conditioners for brunettes.

Bronde – the heavenly duo of blonde and brunette.

Bronde Hair colour
For those seeking a harmonious blend between blonde and brunette, consider opting for "Bronde" hair colour, a versatile and natural-looking choice endorsed by expert Perkins. This soft and seamless shade offers a low-maintenance glam that complements the trend of returning to more natural styles. A combination of highlights and lowlights will give your hair that perfectly blended Bronde look, with the option to customize warmth or coolness based on preference.

Red with Blue Undertones

Red with blue undertones highlights
Make a bold statement with red hair featuring blue undertones, a trend set to dominate 2024 according to Perkins. Departing from traditional red hues, this eye-catching shade offers a more pronounced and structured appearance, reflecting upcoming haircut trends. Achieving this look may require an initial permanent colour treatment followed by regular glossing appointments to maintain vibrancy and depth.

Low Contrast Roots

Low contrast highlights
In the upcoming year, embrace a more natural and low-contrast highlight look, as advised by Perkins. Moving away from sharp highlights, opt for a grown-out root style that accentuates lighter pieces while providing a modern and effortless appeal. This effect works well across all dimensional colour types and can be achieved through techniques like balayage or foil work at the salon.

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Celebrating Womanhood Through Colour:

Celebrate your femininity with the perfect hair colour that accentuates your unique style and personal flair. Whether you prefer vibrant statements or subtle highlights, there's a hair colour out there that empowers and boosts your confidence.


Embark on your transformative hair colour journey this Autumn 2024, guided by the trust and expertise of Colour-Ink Hair Colour. Explore our range of professional hair colours, and unleash your full potential with vibrant and stunning shades that will elevate your style to new heights. Discover the brilliance of colour, and let your hair become a living canvas with Colour-Ink.


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