Junctiox Finalizer (phase 3) 150ml

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Junctiox is a natural protective technology to counter disulphide bonds’ breakage. Junctiox is deeply penetrating and reforms bonds where the hair needs it monst!

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Junctiox Finalizer (phase 3) 150ml

Junctiox Finalizer is Phase three in the three step process. The Junctiox Filalizer is a treatment to be used twice a week for home maintenance. The Finalizer treatment will prolong the replenishment and hydration effect of salon treatment

Use in conjuction with
Junctiox Creator 100ml / 500ml
Junctiox Unifier 100ml / 500ml


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Junctiox contains: Hazel Seed Oil: ConditionerMagnolol & Honokiol: Smoothing properties, giving softness & elasticityMorinda Citrifolia: A natural antioxidant

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