Cureplex No. 1 Bond Creator 500ml

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Cureplex No. 1 Bond Creator 500ml

Cureplex Bond Creator is intermixed with the chemical service mixture, Bond Creator creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones, while protecting the internal structure. It improves hair strength and elasticity.

How Cureplex Bond Creator works:

  • Ethanolamine opens the hair cuticle so there is no barrier and the lifting process is not slowed down.
  • The active ingredients penetrate into the hair thanks to the Niosome. This innovative delivery system allows deep penetration into the hair cortex, guaranteeing the desired result.
  • Soybean IsoFlavones impart adde3d nourishment improving hair’s health
  • n-acetyl-cysteine creates bonds and supports hair structure
  • An AMino acid blend, with moisturizing and strengthening actions, contributes to keeping the hair hydrated and repairs damage
  • PVP generates a layer around the hair preventing breakage, hydrates and creates bonds and links in the hair.

This combination of actions creates new connections in the hair structure and strengthens the existing structure. This system maintains the hair elasticity, with the cuticle open and the amino acids are working as connector between the hair fibres. At the same time the cysteine strengthens the existing and open bonds, while the PVP around the hair prevents breakage during combing, application and mechanical stress.

Additional information

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Cureplex shields the hair from chemical harm with no changes in The lifting ability of bleach, Lifting/depositing of colour, Developer percentage No barrier created in other salon chemical services. Cureplex
is your assurance with all salon processess including perming, hair
colouring, ultra lift hair colouring, bleaching, direct colours, chemical straighteners, keratin smoothing and can also be used as a
standalone treatment for damaged hair

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