Bonza Bronz Moost Tanning Foam Clear 200ml


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Want a healthy looking natural tan? Make your skin glow with the Moost Tanning Foam range of skin products. The patented foam formula provides a completely natural looking tan that looks like a real tan and fades like a real tan, not orange, not streaky.

Derived from our instant spray tan, this innovative product creates a whipped texture for ease of application. This non aerosol hydrating mousse instantly creates a gorgeous glowing tan.

Moost instantly gives your skin a beautiful bronze glow. It contains natural moisture keeping your skin smooth and soft. This fast drying self tanning mousse leaves you with a natural, healthy looking glow without the exposure to the sun that will deepen in approximately two hours.

Same FORMULA now available in CLEAR!

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The non-aerosol hydrating mousse comes out in a whipped texture for easy application. Creating a natural-looking tan that fades like a real tan would, the fast drying formula deepens over two hours, whilst added moisturisers smooth and soften the skin.

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