Activance Hypoallergenic Everyday Shampoo with Rhodanide & MSM 250 ml

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Activance Hypoallergenic Everyday Shampoo with Rhodanide & MSM 250 ml

Sometimes what isn’t in something is just as important as what is Activance Hypoallergenic Everyday Shampoo is a very gentle plant derived formula free from many common irritants and harmful chemicals found in most other shampoos including SLS, SLES, parabens and chemical fragrance. This gives you the power to change and soothe:

  • Damaged or thinning hair
  • Dry scalps, itchiness or dandruff
  • Sensitive, irritated or inflamed scalps.

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Activance Hypoallergenic Shampoo for senitive scalps and dry hair is a plant-derived Ph-balanced, cleansing shampoo specially formulated to be extra gentle on your hair and scalp cleansing without stripping youryour hair. This shampoo is particularly suitable for peoplewith sensitive flaky and/or irritated scalp problems.The shampoo is enriched with pure and generous quantities of essential olis, smmthing extracts of aloe vera, calendula and chamomile, the nourishing gentleness of MSM & most importanty, ahir vital nutrient-Rhodanide

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