Shatush Clay Bleach

If you’re not already using a clay based bleach for your balayage,
you’re missing out.

More and more salons are turning to clay based bleach for their
freehand painting techniques. Unlike your regular silica (sand) based
lighteners. Clay provides the optimal consistency and saturation for painting
hair. When using granulated lighteners, you end up with puffing / dusting /
bleeding & holes in your highlights.

When you use clay bleach

  • Clay Bleach does NOT swell
  • Clay Bleach does NOT bleed or move from where you have
    painted it on the hair
  • Clay Bleach does NOT dry out. In fact it stays moist
    throughout the process. The clay insulates the hair thus keeping it moist
  • Clay bleach lifts evenly
  • Clay bleach can lift up to 8 levels
  • Clay bleach eliminates warm undertones and reveals clean
    ultra light results

If that wasn’t enough to have you convinced :

  • Clay bleach is Odour Free & Dust Free
  • You do not need to use foil
  • Has a smooth, creamy consistency when prepared correctly
  • Clay bleach is suitable for on and off scalp


We now stock an amazing clay bleach product. The very same company that brought us Cureplex. now
brings us the newest innovation in Balayage Hair Technology.

Shatush comes in a 500g resealable bag and is available now at the very low price of $18.95

Don’t just take it from us, read a review from the Hairdressers of Australia blog.