Wahl Peanut Corded Trimmer


Wahl Peanut Corded Trimmer

  • High-precision, quick-detach blades with additional blade set available
  • Designed for all trimmer and blending work
  • Powerful heavy-duty corded trimmer, ideal for continual use
  • Ergonomic and light in weight
  • Multi-functional tool ideal for small hands

Cut your clipping and trimming down to size with the Wahl White Peanut Trimmer/Clipper. Weighing in at less that 4 oz., the Peanut is less than 4 inches long and has been designed for the professional.

The Wahl Peanut Clipper and Trimmer has all the power and performance of a full-size clipper and all the versatility of a heavy-duty trimmer with detachable blades. Featuring a convenient, reversible finger-ring which helps with controlling the clipper while in use. The Wahl Peanut Clipper/Trimmer comes with 4 attachment combs for variable lengths and a detachable blade for easy cleaning.


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