Natural Look Body of Work Body Care Lotion 125ml


BODY OF WORK – BODY CARE LOTION. For the care and maintenance of clean and healthy body piercing. Body of Work Body Care Lotion for the care and maintenance of clean and healthy body …

Natural Look Body of Work Body Care Lotion 125ml

  • A care regimen for maintaining healthy body piercings


Natural Look Australia is Australia’s most influential brand and represents the best of our mission: to deliver the purest, high-quality standard products, to be environmentally safe and cruelty-free, at competitive prices, globally.

Our brands passion and dedication are to create ranges with naturally derived bases that deliver quality hair care and beauty solutions along with the best service and support for salons, clients and businesses. Part of this process includes a global network of distributors based over 20 countries.

We use organic Australian ingredients and are vegan-friendly. We do not test on animals and are proudly Australian made and owned.

Use undiluted three times a day. Without removing the studs, bathe front and rear of the ear with Natural Look Body of Work Body Care Lotion, using a cotton swab and clean hands. Rotate stud whilst cleansing to ensure that your skin does not heal to the rod. To maintain healthy pierced ears, cleanse all-new earrings with this lotion prior to use.

Antiseptic Ear & Body Care Lotion is tested and proven effective against bacterial infection. It is to be used three times a day without removing the studs for a minimum period of 2 weeks after piercing. All new earrings should also be cleansed with Antiseptic Ear Care Lotion to maintain healthy pierced ears. Contains Benzalkonium Chloride 1.3mg/mL

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