Luxe Water Resistant 2 Hour Tan - Don't Rain on my parade

$50 $105

Naked Tan Luxe edition – Water Resistant 2 Hour Tan – Don’t Rain on my Parade

NO CANCELLATIONS, NO LOSS OF BUSINESS with our Water Resistant Tan. Now you can get a tan rain, hail or shine!

About Don't Rain on my Parade

14% DHA

Medium-Dark Tan

Water Resistant



Coconut & Vanilla Fragrance

Get the Naked Tan you love with the added benefits. Not only is this product water-resistant but it’s enriched with Aloe Vera and Argan Oil to hydrate your skin.

To use : 

Exfoliate the day before your spray tan to remove dead skin cells and ensure you achieve an even and long lasting tan. For the perfect spray tan apply 1 coat evenly onto the body. Shower in 2 hours and the tan will continually develop for up to 24 hours without having to wear the tan on your skin. To ensure you get the most out of your tan keep your body and tan hydrated using the Creme de la creme every day.

Please note:

it is not recommended to leave the tan on longer than 5 hours as this will alter the colour. The Luxe Water resistant solution is NOT water proof. Store solution in a cool & dry place below 25 degrees. Away from direct sunlight

All Naked Tan's are made in Australia and are cruelty free!

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