Juuce Knot Knitty Duo Bonus Pack


Juuce Knot Knitty Head Lice Treatment with bonus spray

Duo Pack Includes:

  • Knot Knitty Lice Gel - 250ml
  • Knot Knitty Lice Spray - 250ml

Juuce Knot Knitty Head Lice Gel 250ml

A fast, safe treatment against head lice and nits (eggs). Its unique formula breaks the keratin - fike glue of the nit shell from the hair shaft, killing the nits and the head lice quickly and gently after 10 minutes on dry hair. The pump and clear gel formula allow for fast and easy saturation of the hair, rinsing away easily, leaving no chemical residue. Built-in water-activated conditioners rebalance the pH of the hair, making it safe to retreat after 7-10 days of initial treatment.

Juuce Knot Knitty Lice Leave-In Combing Spray - 250ml

Formulated as a leave-in conditioning spray that detangles to allow easy combing out of head lice and nits (eggs). Fragranced with spearmint essential oil to cancel out odours and give on-going protection against re-infection.

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