Repair Indola Conditioner


Indola Innova Repair Conditioner is the best product for repairing weak and damaged hair. This great conditioner protects the surface of the hair and improves shine, structure, and strength. Reconditions hair leaving it shiny, soft, manageable and healthy. It contains cationic polymers, pro-vitamins B5, hydrolysed keratin and more.

Our Repair Indola Conditioner has been designed for weak and damaged hair to recondition brittle hair from the inside out, leaving the surface cuticle smooth and glossy. It contains hydrolised keratin, cationic polymers, and pro-vitamin B5 to leave your hair soft an manageable.

Innova soft science formula is based on the unique vitality injection process technology which works on hair structure by injecting specific selection of ingredients. Innova provides innovative hair care.

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