Indola Color Mousse Red 200ml

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Get vibrant, fresher colour with the Indola Colour Style Mousse. This fantastic mousse tones pigmentation, while conditioning and styling colour treated hair.

Color Style Mousse is the no-hassle way to colour hair, giving you beautiful, luminous colour in just a few minutes from an easy-to-apply mousse. Its temporary pigments are designed to deposit colour directly onto the cuticle which means the new colour appears quickly, but also washes out easily.

There are 11 shades available, including naturals like Light Brown or Medium Blonde that are perfect for enhancing natural colour, and fashion shades like Red that are a great way to experiment with a new colour without getting stuck with it. All shades are also ideal for refreshing an existing permanent hair colour.

As well as colouring, Indola Profession Color Style Mousse also helps to protect hair from heat damage and contains colour boosters which enhance the colour’s brilliance for that extra beautiful shine. It gives excellent results in the salon and, because of its easy application, sells well as a retail product for clients who want to top up their colour from home.

The gentle styling ingredients provide a natural hold and the formula washes out with shampoo. Ideal as a colour refreshment in between tint applications, for correction or neutralisation of unwanted tones, for enriching or intensifying natural tones or pre-pigmentation before colouring back to a darker shade.An ideal start to any effective scalp treatment, BC Hairtherapy Hair & Scalp Expert Pre-Peeling Shampoo Treatment exfoliates and tones scalps which are prone to oiliness, for a healthy, clean and balanced scalp. This innovative pre-shampoo service works thanks to the light gel consistency with peeling beads transforming the cleansing ritual into a unique luxurious experience.

A mousse that enhance natural and coloured hair. It contains direct pigments to boost shine and even colour results. Once applied it is quickly absorbed into the hair where it gets to work straight away. Its full of care ingredients to protect your hair along with gentle styling ingredients that give a natural hold.

Key Ingredients:
– Panthenol (pro-vitamine B5). Has moisture-balancing effect and strengthens the hair structure
– Hydroxyethyl cetyldimonium phosphate: has a caring effect on the hair, closes the cuticle for extra shine

– Colour refreshment inbetween tint applications
– Correction or neutralisation of unwanted tones (e.g. after lightening)
– Enriching or intensifying natural tones
– Pre-pigmentation before colouring back to a darker shade


  • Apply and orange size amount of foam on damp hair and distribute.
  • Neutralises unwanted tones, for enriching or intensifying natural tones.
  • Colours, styles and conditions hair.
  • Provides a natural hold and the formula washes out with shampoo.
  • Flammable

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