Curl up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse 200g


Curl Up In Silk Firm Hold is a texture defining volumizing mousse. This product provides body, fullness and high Shine - adding Lift and long-lasting support even in high humidity! Curl up also provides protection from thermal damage. This firm hold Mousse is ideal for round-brush styling, producing lift for unsurpassed body and fullness. despite it's firm hold, Curl up in Silk is free of unwanted flaking and product build up, leaving hair silky, shiny and soft.

  • Alcohol Free!
  • Rope Liek Curl Pattern
  • Scrunching
  • High Shine
  • Weightless
  • Round Brush Styling
  • Zero Flaking.

For best results, use in conjunction with other products in the white sands collection.

How to use Curl up in Silk:

Use on wet or damp hair. Shake Well. Turn can upside down and dispense desired amount into palm. Rub hands together. Scrunch through hair slowly. To reduce frizz, don't dry hair completely. To create volume - dry using a round or paddle brush creating lift from the roots.


Curl Up in Silk Firm Mousse: “If you are a curly girl and need something to softly hold your curls this product is for you. It allows you to create and define texture, dimension, waves, and volume. It’s perfect for curl definition and hold.” Nicole, Clutch Magazine

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