BeautyBLVD - Molten Metal Glitter Eyeshadow


All eyes will be on you with our Molten Metal Glitter Eyeshadow.

You asked, we delivered.

Inspired by the glittering, long-lasting and show-stopping coverage Glitter Lips provides, you wanted something equally striking for your eyes.

For goddess-like eyes, use sparingly to create highlights or layer it up for a bolder, more foil look.

The light creamy texture of the Molten Metal Glitter Eyeshadow is so easy to apply and available in 6 incredible shades.

With all the recent news and media coverage on cosmetic products, please be assured that all our products have been tested and meet Cosmetic Safety Assessments, as well as UK and EU Legislation. Here at Beauty Boulevard, we do not support animal testing in the production of our products. We test on make-up loving humans, not innocent animals.

Model images for illustration purposes only. Colours may vary. Weight listed includes packaging.

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