The Original Barbers Chair


The Original Barbers Chair is fully constructed using 305 stainless steel and also features towel hooks each side it also has reclining levers on each side as well as flip up footrest, adjustable headrest, and authentic metal accent calf rest with plush cushioning for additional client comfort. It also features a neck roll holder behind the headrest to make life easy for the busy Barber. Reclines up to 45 degrees for a professional shave! The hydraulic pump is heavy duty and sits into a stainless base. The Original Barbers chair brings traditional style to compliment contemporary engineering.

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The Original Barbers Chair has been inspired by the original design dating back to the 1920’s, this antique style barber chair has been made with high grade stainless steel and has everything a barber needs at their disposal. This chair features a reclinable back so customers can feel comfortable while being shaved and pampered. It also has an adjustable headrest, removable bar for neck strips, towel rack, clipper hook, padded calf panel, and heavy duty hydraulic pump. The “Original” has a classic antique look, upgraded with first class upholstery and hand polished stainless steel edges.

Custom colours are made to order and please allow 8 to 10 weeks to ship.


  • L:130CM
  • W:73CM
  • H:119-137CM

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