Parlux 3800 Ionic & Ceramic Eco Friendly (black)


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The new Parlux 3800 ionic and ceramic dryer has been designed to fit perfectly between the famous 3200 and award-winning 3500 dryers but with a patented silencer to help reduce noise, a lighter but considerably stronger motor, and more airflow. Parlux has upped the ante once again with this stupendous new model.

The Eco Friendly Parlux 3800 includes a sophisticated “patent pending” built-in silencer designed specifically to reduce noise and the patented Ceramic & Ionic system which helps the hair maintain moisture, for smoother, healthier results.

The innovative Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly model is also designed to protect the environment and sustainable development, identified with the “Eco Friendly Parlux Product” mark requiring: use of recyclable raw materials: all components are perfectly recyclable, contain no toxic elements and are painted with non-toxic paints; energy consumption: Parlux has sped up drying time to increase styling efficiency and save energy, with positive consequences for the environment; ozone friendly: no toxic emissions during drying at any speed and temperature; use of ecological packaging and documents: all made of and printed on 100% biodegradable recycled paper and card.

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