Indola Innova Kera Restore Serum


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Indola Innova Kera Restore Serum 50ml

Indola Innova Kera Restore Spray Serum is an ultra-light formula that
restores hair that is extremely damaged.
The Kera Restore Spray Serum is the
last step of the Kera Restore regime.

Indola Kera Restore is the
solution for extremely damaged hair. Damaged hair is transformed into
beautiful and healthy hair through the innovative Micro Keratin Complex.
The hair after using more resistant to breakage.

the Indola Innova Kera Restore Serum Spray your hair and let it soak.
Fohn your hair and then style the hair as desired. The spray serum is no
need to rinse.

Should you choose to use the entire Kera Restore fomentation you should do it in the following way:
Wash hair with
Kera Restore Shampoo. Then apply the Kera Restore Treatment and distribute evenly. Let the product 5 to 10 minutes to sit in your hair and then wash off with lukewarm water. Finally brings you enduring the Kera Restore Spray Serum. Hair then your hair and style as desired.



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