Cureplex, Olaplex & Snaplex Review

So we’ve heard a lot about Cureplex, Olaplex and Snaplex. It all boils down to the question: Which solution is best and why?

Whilst conducting research on the subject I came across a Facebook Page entitled Hairdressers of Australia. (I’ll provide a link at the end of the blog post). They’ve conducted three very unbias reviews in their Salon on the three products. I’ve posted their honest reviews below. I know it’s a little to read but it’s definitely worth your while! If you don’t have the time i’ve highlighted their findings in each review!


We had a play with Snaplex today

The client had yellow, old, over processed foils.
Her hair was a bit trashed, tired and faded.

We used as per instructions and foiled using 3 different shades of blonde.

The smell wasn’t offensive and the hair felt lovely when rinsed like we’d done a beautiful super moisturising treatment.

I felt the condition didn’t decrease during the colouring process (as
it normally would have, even just slightly) but I also feel it didn’t
improve either.

We were not sent the step 3 part of the process so I initially thought that it was a 2 step process.

Apparently there is a step 3 but we don’t have it.

The client does use a beautiful, sulphate free range for her home care
but it will be interesting reviewing the results in 2 – 4 weeks time.

Overall, results were good but we didn’t get that “whoa! That’s awesome” feeling.

Olaplex arrived today so will have a play tomorrow.


So we used Olaplex.

Here are our results.

Our client was already light but wanted to go even lighter and move through to more of a whiter blonde.
She’s naturally a level 5.

Her hair is in good condition as she looks after it with professional home care along with weekly moisture treatments.

Firstly we found the instructions to be slightly confusing and a little all over place.

Especially after using Cureplex and the instruction sheet is very
straight forward and easy to follow as it is broken down simply and
quickly depending on the services you are doing.

Normally, we
would use a 20vol and lightener on this clients regrowth and since she
wanted to go lighter, we would have applied a 10vol and lightener mix to
her ends.

As per the instructions, we increased this to 30vol on
regrowth and 20vol on ends and added the recommended amount of Olaplex
to the mixtures.

We applied using a full head of foils starting
around the face/hairline to ensure maximum timing around the face and
using the heads own natural heat to speed the foils underneath.

We started by processing under heat for 5 minutes and checking as instructed.

The processing time took so long and after 40 minutes, the regrowth was probably only at a level 8.

So we mixed a new batch with the Olaplex and reapplied to the regrowth.
This took another 35 minutes to lift to the desired level.
So 1 hr and 15 minutes later just for processing.
This was after an application time of 40 minutes.

It was hard to understand the instructions regarding when to shampoo
or gloss, how much Olaplex to add and how to process etc after removing
foils. Again, after using Cureplex and the instructions are so easy to
understand especially at a quick glance mid treatment.

colour did come out well and the condition was ok considering we used
30vol and lightener in foil and under heat (a definite no no in my book
pre invention of the “plex’s”).

The client was happy but the time it adds to the service is crazy.

It basically doubled the time the client spent in the chair.
You really would need to add $70 – $100 per service to cover this.

My opinion is that the results were good.

The condition of the hair at the end of the service certainly didn’t WOW me.
The extra time was totally annoying.

But mostly, the instructions were muddled and not clear.

My business partner is an International Learning and Development
Manager and writes training manuals for a living and she could not
believe how hard it was to get straight answers from it.

jumbled and all over the place and when you are in a busy salon you need
to be able to find the information you need quickly.

Of course
we read them thoroughly before hand multiple times but when you need to
quickly refer back to it at the basin for example, it’s a bit messy to

I was so excited to try this product and I saved this client especially for this service.

I was not blown away like I expected to be.

We will continue to try Olaplex but I feel that for the price/salon
investment and results so far, Cureplex is a more salon friendly product
with faster results that give the WOW factor.

*please note, we are not being paid for these reviews and it is purely observation while using these products in our salons.

It is simply our opinion.


First review of the battle of the “plex’s” is in.

So today we played with Cureplex and Snaplex.

This particular client had tired, stressed hair that had old faded home colour on it.
It was brassy and needed a good cut.

She whips out a picture of a Balayage with level 10 – 11 ends but utilising her own colour as the darker section.

I would normally use a 10 vol and lightener mix to lift slowly and
gently, explaining that she would have those results but possibly over 2
– 3 visits.

However, since I had Cureplex on hand, I thought “f**k it!”

I’ll amp it up with 20 vol and see what this stuff can do.
We processed without heat for 30 mins and this is what we got.

When I was rinsing, I was a little worried as the hair seemed slightly “floppier” and stressed from the service.

Then we glossed with a silver and clear mix with 5 vol for 20 minutes (also with Cureplex).
Then rinsed out super well.
We then applied no 2 and before my eyes, the hair tightened back up and looked amazing.
We processed this for 5 minutes then rinsed well.

I am rather impressed and so was the client as I’d assumed that it
would take many visits and compromise the fabric of the hair.

But it didn’t!

The only thing I did find was that using the Cureplex, I seemed to need to use more colour/product.

The lightener didn’t seem to go as far. I’d assumed that as it was a
clear liquid, it would make my mixture runnier but it didn’t. But I did
feel that I mixed up slightly more than I normally would.

Same with the gloss.

I needed slightly more of my gloss mix in quantity than I normally would.

But who cares!

When you can do this in 1 go and not lose elasticity especially in hair this length and with extreme colour build up. I think I’m in love.

(Side note. Client will be using the no3 once or 2 times a week at home
along with a professional sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

We will follow up with the client every 2 weeks. )

So there you have it! Three honest reviews of the 3 power products on the Market at the moment. We are stockits of the full Cureplex range. We offer lightning fast express delivery Australia wide and package sizes to suit all budgets. If you have used any of these products please contact us and let us know how you went!

Reviews were obtained from Hairdressers of Australia Facebook Page. Hair Beauty Ink is no way affiliated with this page. There is some great content on there. Check it out!

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