It takes two! Must-have product duos.

It takes two. Two peas in a pod. Often two products work better than just one. You wouldn’t condition without shampooing first. From shampoo and conditioner to treatment and a mask…there are so many products out there and sometimes it can be hard to know what to use. Never fear, we have picked our top product duos that we know to work better together.

Why you should use product duos

Products often compliment each other. For example, a shampoo will cleanse the hair but alone, it may not add the moisture your hair so desperately wants.

Brands often create products that are meant to be used together too. These brands know hair and know what hair needs, so they create products that complement each other and can be used in unison for the best professional-looking results.


How do I pick what products to use together?

Normally hair care brands will have a two or three-step hair program that you can follow. These products come with numbers of the side to show you in which order you should use the products. Indola does this for their repair and colour products.

It also helps to know what your hair needs. For example, does your hair feel dry? Using a hydrating conditioner and a mask together would work well. You could also use a moisturising conditioner and an oil or leave-in treatment to help condition the hair. Perhaps you want defined curls. A curl mousse and a hairspray or texture spray would be beneficial to use together to hold strong curls all day long.

You can always ask your hairdresser what to use, as they have the professional knowledge on what works for your particular hair.


Here are our top picks of product duos that work well together

shampoo and conditioner

This Indola Colour Shampoo and Indola Colour Conditioner work together to help to protect colour from fading. This shampoo seals the hair and cleanses it. Penetration of amino acids works to prevent colour from fading. Repairs the cortex of the hair shaft. Formulated with certain UV filters to protect hair. Leaves hair feeling soft, looking shiny and overall healthy and manageable.

conditioner and masque

For blondes, there are two more steps after shampooing that are important if you want to keep that perfect blonde. In steps Pravana Perfect Blonde range. The conditioner hydrates the hair and leaves it feeling silky smooth, while the toning masque keeps blonde looking clean and fresh, removing unwanted brassy tones.

treatment and shimmer oil

Juuce Sun Protection treatment helps to block UV rays, just like a sunscreen for your hair, whilst protecting its colour. The Argan Shimmer is a shine spray which helps to soften, smooth and create a shimmery look for your hair. These are the perfect summer duo.

The De Lorenzo thermal spray helps to protect from heat styling by locking in moisture and creating a barrier so the hair doesn’t get dried out. The thermal spray should always be used before using a professional styling tool such as the Silver Bullet iron


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