4 Biggest Hair Trends of 2017

4 biggest hair trends of 2017

We’re predicting the 4 biggest hair trends of 2017.

We’ve had a HUGE couple of years with the vivids coming into fashion. Honestly, we don’t think they’re going away any time soon. It’s so great to see so many people expressing themselves through their hair colour. “We connect with colors in life like never before. Sunsets, flowers, trees remind us of our hair color,” says Daniel Moon Hair Expert & Stylist. Through 2016 we also saw more balayage than we can poke a stick at. (Sidenote: We don’t think Balayage is going anywhere soon either!) Even more popular was the highly sought after crisp white blonde. (Think Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart).

Over all, 2016 was an amazing year for hair and we think 2017 will be even better! Let us jump into OUR 4 biggest hair trend predictions of 2017!

1. Eclipting / Contouring

Watch the final result of Hair contouringEclipting or contouring is a colour service tailored to the individual. The technique uses colour placement to enhance their clients features, taking into account the undertones of their skin, eye colour, brows and the shape of their face. Eclipting is designed to bring out your clients best features.

Aveda’s global artistic director for hair colour, Ian Michael Black, coined the face-flattering technique. In an interview on Aveda’s blog, Ian described eclipting as a way of framing the face using contrasting colours that differ from person to person based on their undertones and features. So while balayage is meant to appear more natural and subtle, eclipting is all about getting a starker contrast for a more distinct change.


2. Wet Hair Look

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne

We’ve seen the wet hair look grace the High Fashion runways for years. Most recently we’ve seen both Kim & Khloe Kardashian don a more natural version of the wet hair look.

Michael Silva describes how he created Kim Kardashians look at the Vma’s: “When Kim’s hair was wet, I worked revitalising oil into her hair (We recommend Fanola Oro Therapy Diamante Puro regenerating fluid) using only my hands. I used no brush or combs at all. All finger styling to work with the hair’s natural texture. I then dried the hair completely using a diffuser and finished the look with oil. (We recommend finishing with White Sands Gel-Us to add increased shine, hold and volume)

Here’s a brilliant article with styling tips and ideas: click here

 3. Braids

During 2016 we saw the emergence of more and more braids. especially with the sky rocketing popularity of medieval television shows such as Game of Thrones. Braids are an easy, low maintenance hairstyle that can give your hair a break but can also look glamorous and polished for such occasions as weddings.

Braids give the opportunity to get creative. Exploring options such as highlighted hair, textured or curly hair, adding clips coupled with an array of braid options… Micro braids, corn rows, fish tail / herring bone braid, block braid, bun braid, twist braids or the french braid.

We’ve compiled a pinterest board for some incredible inspiration! Click here


4. Green Hair

This one may seem a little out there but bear with me! Pantone recently announced their colour of the year – which just happens to be Greenery 15-0343. L’Oreal UK Colour Spokesperson Jack Howard says that Green will be one of our main go to hue’s of 2017. It was already popular in 2016, lets see how it goes in 2017!  (We recommend Pravana Emerald, Pravana Green, Manic Panic Enchanted Forest, Pravana Teal, Colourworx Green)

Check out our board for inspiration: Click Here


What do you think will be the biggest hair trends of 2017? Get in first! Let us know below in comments!

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