Top Influential Beauty Influencers to Follow on Social Media

We all know scrolling through social media needs to be fun, inspirational and educational and as a fellow beauty lover, I have to say there is no better way to educate ourselves than beauty influencers! They give us the ultimate hair and beauty 411, what to try and what not to try. Yes, sometimes there are a few questionable at-home DIY’s that involve bleach and others that include shaving parts that SHOULD NOT be shaved ha! That’s where we come in, we have formulated this list to act as your go-to beauty influencer directory and we promise will add that extra bit of spice you’ve been looking for in your feed.

Coming in at number #1, The one, The Only.. @hudabeauty @huda

Huda Beauty is a beauty blog that is run by social influencer and YouTuber Huda Kattan, since the beginning of Huda’s career she has been a force to be reckoned with, breaking stigmas around makeup shaming and creating a strong body-positive image.

Huda’s creative flair and drive for change shines through to her blog and brand @hudabeauty a platform that has always shared the latest beauty trends, hacks, must-have products and great entertainment.

#2 ZOË FOSTER BLAKE The founder of @gotoskincare

Zoe is the founder of Australia’s 10th most followed beauty brand, Go-To. Zoe wears many hats CEO, Author, Influencer and Mother just to name a few! Zoe is a must-follow on our list of beauty influencers because the content she shares is real and raw. You know if she is putting out advice it’s un-edited and certainly, no filter has been applied.

#3 Nabela (নাবিলা) Noor @nabela founder of @zeba & @noorhouse

Nabela Noor, @nabela, is a beauty influencer with a following of 1.7 million on Instagram. Alongside her lifestyle brand Zeba, she uses her personal Instagram to promote diversity and challenge dated standards of beauty. In February 2020, she was featured on the cover of Glamour Magazine UK, the Self-Love issue, and shared her experience with cyberbullying on social media.

She is also an ambassador for GLAMOUR’s #BlendOutBullying.Her inspiring motto is – “Redefining beauty one post at a time.”

#4 The Hair Queen has Arrived @natalieannehair

So if you have stumbled upon almost any glamorous hair photo on social media based out of Australia there is a 90% chance that it has come from the queen herself Natalie Anne, Australian Salon Owner, Hair Stylist and Educator.

Natalie travels the world as a hairstylist working with brands such as @schwarzkopfproanz. For the most heart-pounding hair inspiration that will leave you clicking save a million times over, you need to follow Natalie and her salon.

#5 JAZ HAND A Gold Coast Based Makeup Artist & Beauty Influencer @makeupby_jaz

Jaz has been a regular on our social channels for a number of years now, she has always created the most seamless beauty experience sharing her clients before and after images, at home makeup looks and her monthly favourite products.

#6 @mypaleskinblog by Em Ford

Em Ford created the blog My Pale Skin in a time where there was a heavy online following for makeup shaming and photoshopping starting to become prominent in every photo we looked at.

Em has always focused on creating an online presence that breaks stigmas and refined a new version of beauty. The social media page itself shows the difference between makeup and bare skin, whilst focussing on the beauty of both images merged together.