Top Hair Trends of 2020

Hair Trends of 2020

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster of emotions, fashion trends and bold hair styles. It has been the year where trying something new didn't seem so scary because, well, we were all stuck. From this courage has come some impressive, some questionable and some trending hairstyles built from boredom.

The E-Girl

The E-Girl took place on the world-wide social media platform; TikTok. The trend started where girls would bleach the front section of their hair - and if wanting to go more bold, going for a colour.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs are BACK! That’s right, the framing of the face and the 70’s hair trend is in style! Again, this was another look inspired from the idea that “if it goes wrong, no one will know” due to COVID-19 restricting our movements. Fortunately for those who participated in this, it turned out amazing!

Halo Hair Extensions

“But yesterday your hair was short?” Yes it was, now it is flowing below by waist and full of volume thanks to the easy and removable hair accessory; Halo Hair Extensions. You want short? Unclip it. You want long? Clip it in. You want long blue hair? Treat the halo like your own hair and bring it to the salon with you.

Mermade Hair

Looking like a mermaid has never been so easy! The Mermade trend took off this year with the three barrel curling irons spreading through social media like never before. The long beachy waves that look effortless yet perfectly set have become an achievable goal for everyone!

So which trend are you planning to rock at the end of 2020?

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