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Social Media Tips for Salons

I probably don’t even need to tell you what a huge priority social media marketing is when it comes to your salon. In fact over 96% of hair and beauty brands are on social media using it to promote and sell their business and what if I told you that over 60% of Australian consumers turn to social media when they look at purchasing a new product or service, they are looking on social media and deciding where to spend their money.

So I’m going to go ahead and assume you already have a social media presence, whether it be a Facebook page or an Instagram account (if you don’t have Instagram I want you to stop reading this and go and start one.. RIGHT NOW!) Running a successful social media presence in your salon doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t need to take you the time you think it needs, it’s all about strategy and I’m going to give you some of the best tips in the industry to help you boost your appointment books by using social media.

So what are some mistakes that you might be making?


Yes while Instagram and social media is all about the graphic and content side of things, your sales-copy and wording is extremely important too! Your social media is a tool to build up a loyal relationship with current clients and potential clients, you always want to stay fresh in their mind and remind them of what you offer and that your services are exactly what they need. So, how can you drive traffic off social media and encourage your prospect to book an appointment?

There are a few ways, the first one I would recommend is placing the “book now” feature in your Instagram and Facebook buttons this enables your potential-customers to book an appointment almost instantly with this feature.

The next one, add the appropriate link in your bio, if you are constantly telling people in your word-copy “click the link in our bio” but your link directs them to your homepage and not your booking link, chances are the potential customer is going to click off and not book.

This one we see all too often, make sure your contact details are all up to date. We see this way too often in-salon social media accounts and it’s crucial for your business that you are constantly updating and checking your contact details this includes emails, phone numbers, websites, and addresses.

The last one and this one is a biggy! Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and optimised. It means nothing if you have a well branded social media that is getting tons of engagement if when your potential customer clicks onto your website and can’t navigate because it hasn’t been properly optimised to suit a mobile phone.

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Marketing tips for hair and beauty salons
Social media tips for hair and beauty salons
Social Media Tips for Hair and Beauty Salons
Social Media Tips for Hair and Beauty Salons


Your followers on social media are being completely overloaded with content and images from everywhere so it’s important you put time and effort into your imagery and content ensuring that it’s on brand and stands out from everywhere else. It’s important to take time and effort when it comes to shooting content for your social media but in saying this it doesn’t have to take you hours upon hours and here are some simple tips on how to improve your social media content for your salon.

Tip 1: Buy a ring light or some form of lighting tool for your salon (especially if you are in a low-lighted space).

Tip 2: Have an area set up for before and afters in the salon, whether it be a certain white wall, a greenery plant wall, outside the door where the best lighting is. Have an area that you dedicate to taking photos and content.

Tip 3: Never forget before & after photos, This is the easiest and quickest way to stock-pile content for your social media and it only takes 1% of the time usually content creation takes.


No matter the location or type of salon, I can guarantee you have an ideal target market. I want you to think about what’s the best kind of client? And I don’t just want you to think of a person I want you to think of what’s their age, gender, lifestyle, income-class all the defining characteristics of your ideal client. Once you have thought of that, that’s your ideal target market.

So if you’re ideal target market is young women aged 18-25 interested in festivals, attending events, social media obsessed. It probably isn’t the best idea to share content of women aged 60-70 with their new pixie cut. While you’re not turning away clients because they aren’t your “ideal target market” you are just strategically sharing content that resonates more with your ideal target market and inspires them to book an appointment.

It’s also important to engage with your ideal target market and there is a few ways you can do so..

So now that you have read through the top 3 common mistakes salon’s make when it comes to social media, I want to give you some advice.

Every 15 seconds a new person joins social media and every day your potential customers are scrolling through social media looking for inspiration for new hairstyles and looking at where to book their next service. So you must be wondering, with so many salons how do you stay competitive in such a digital age? 

TIP #1

Use hashtags that are relevant and resonate with your ideal target market. 

TIP #2

Engage and interact with your ideal target market (you can do this as little as 30 minutes a day or 2 hours a week)

TIP #3

Ensure your word copy & content match the style of your ideal target market, you want’t to feel like you are talking directly to them. 

I have 3 words for you: Inspire, Educate & Connect. These are the 3 words I want you to think about when it comes to your salon social media strategy and i’m going to tell you why.

Inspire – Use your social media to inspire your clients and potential clients for new looks and trends. By showcasing your best work with good lightening and strategic word-copy you are going to influence and inspire prospects and clients to achieve the same results shown in your content.

Educate – You are an expert in your field and this makes you an educator. By sharing educational content you are providing value to your followers and building a trusting long-lasting relationship with your potential customers and clients. An easy way to educate your audience is by creating how-to videos, product reviews and education on hair types.

Connect – There is something so powerful about connecting with your audience over social media as they start to feel like they know, like and trust you. This breaks down the barrier of “selling” and your viewers start finding you relatable. There are so many ways you can do this but my number #1 tip is just to show up on Instagram stories, this is the most authentic way to connect with your audience on a daily basis.

I hope this has helped and if you have any questions you want answering or blog posts recommendations feel free to reach out to

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