Our Top 5 2019 Celebrity Hair Transformations

We all know 2019 has been full of surprises and changes in the hair and beauty world! We all feel the need for a major hair and beauty change sometimes and there is no better way than switching up your hairstyle! Whether it’s a colour, cut or style there is no better feeling than a hair makeover! We have done our research and looked at all your favorite celebrities for inspiration and found our top 5 favorite transformations.
Sophia Bush went back to her brunette roots thanks to Nine Zero One Salon. Just look at that smile Sophia is glowing with her new look!
Lea Michele (Queen of Glee) refreshed her locks with blonde highlights for winter. We are obsessed with this effortlessly gorgeous look.
There’s no secret that pastel hair has been trending everywhere from Coachella and recent magazine campaigns, even the trend-setting queen herself Kylie Jenner jumped on board showing us her to-die-for pink hair. Kylie has been in the spotlight a lot this year showing off many colours like jet-black, pastel blue, pink and even fluro green.
Let’s be real, there hasn’t been a single look on Zendaya we haven’t loved! But this look, “Just Wow!”
Kim Kardashian – Matte Cocoa
Kim surprised us all with this gorgeous blended colour for the new launch of her KKW Beauty Matte Cocoa Collection launch.