How to Revitalise Dry & Dull Hair

How to Revitalise Dry & Dull Hair 
What to look out for?
Healthy hair is full of shine and smooth texture, but what should you look out for when it comes to dull and dry hair?
Dull and dry hair doesn’t just mean your client doesn’t wash their hair, it can be a symptom of how your client lives their life, dietary habits and hair care routine.  We have done the research for you and combined some reasons why your client might be suffering from dry and dull hair, treatments and services to help fix the issue and what products to recommend.
What causes dry, lifeless & dull hair?
Diet is essential to our health for many reasons and our hair condition is included.  A healthy and well-balanced diet full of nutrients and Vitamins is essential for your clients hair health . Your client should be eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, Vitamins, Lean Meats and ensuring everything is consumed in moderation.
Water Consumption 
Dehydration! If you’re not drinking enough water, odds are that you’re hair and skin are dehydrated. It is important to ask your client how many litres of water they are drinking on an average day and if it’s below the minimum to start increasing, water is one of the easiest ways to nourish and hydrate their hair and skin and one of the most important. – Remember alcohol and coffee aren’t water.
Over-bleaching/Colouring Hair
We all know this, over-bleaching and colouring our hair too many times is extremely unhealthy for our hair’s condition. The cuticles must be opened up in order for colour to penetrate, breaking hair bonds in the process. There are plenty of products that can help reduce the impact of the damage such as -plex treatments, however, there’s no changing that it’s still damaged. 
Over Using Heat Tools 
We all have that one client who is addicted to the hair straightener and it shows, it’s not a secret that over using heat styling tools can really damage the hair cuticles and prevent our hair from remaining healthy and luscious. Always use heat preventers when using your styling tools as they will act as a barrier for your hair and help your client remain a healthy shine.
Lack of Hair Care Routine 
It’s extremely important to advise your clients to set up a regular routine for washing their hair and using treatments at home, if your client doesn’t wash their hair frequently enough, it can result in a build-up of oils that leaves the hair feeling dry and dirty. It’s also important to remind your client to use the occasional mask to hydrate and nourish their hair and to regularly brush their hair.
How to fix lifeless and Dull Dry Hair
Choose the Right Hair Colour
If your client is someone who likes to regularly colour their hair then we recommend using a colour range that won’t damage the hair. We recommend Colour Ink Professional has it has built in plex, plex penetrate into the hair structure and re-build hairbonds and has no compromise on the end result.
Hair Care Routine
It’s important to recommend your client a great hair care routine that will nourish and protect the hair cuticles. A great tip is to remind your client at the end of washing their hair to seal the cuticle by running their hair under cool-water or applying a conditioning mask. 
Thermal Protectants
If your client must use a heat styling tool it’s important to remind them to seal their hair and protect it with a thermal protection spray or product, this will ensure their hair is damaged by excess heat.
Smoothing Treatment
Another great way to help your client with their dry & dull hair is to offer a smoothing and shine treatment this way you can take control of the process and ensure they are getting results. Our number #1 go-to is Agi One smoothing treatment, it’s unique technology works to smooth and condition hair by releasing nanoparticles directly into and onto the hair shaft. This enables the treatment to begin to repair the hair from the inside (cortex) while simultaneously creating a protective film over the outer layer (cuticle). Consider it a smoothing system with the added benefit of intense hydration.