Hair Colouring: SALON VS AT HOME

It’s no secret that most of us scroll through Pinterest see an amazing hair colour photo and think instantly it’s achievable, and we know all too well it definitely can be with the right help. When it comes to going to a salon or DIY at home, where do we draw the line? We have all been there, watching youtube tutorials channeling our inner-hairdresser not only to be mortified making emergency hair appointments at the salon (here’s looking at you bangs). If you’re tossing up whether to do a DIY at home hair transformation or book a salon appointment read this helpful guide.
#1 Lightening your Hair
If you want to lighten your hair more than two shades lighter than your natural hair colour it would be a good idea to book an appointment at the salon. Chemist and supermarket hair colours aren’t designed to lighten hair much at all. If you’re desired look is to lighten more than two shades lighter you might consider purchasing bleach, developer and toner from a beauty supply store. What we can’t stress you enough is that bleach is no joke! and you can easily damage your hair. To ensure your hair health is maintained and you achieve the colour you are after, we highly recommend seeking a professional’s advice or help.
#2 Toning Your Hair
Toning is something that can usually be done at home, if you’re a blonde this can be done easily by using a blonde toning shampoo to mildly tame brassiness turning your hair to a cool-toned blonde (be careful not to use too much). For brunettes, blue toning shampoo is your go-to! If you’re looking for more of an advanced color-correction or just can’t achieve the colour you’re after we would suggest seeking advice from a professional hair stylist.
#3 Balayage /Ombre
There’s no other way to put it, Balayage and Ombre is an art! It’s best performed by trained professionals and let’s be real last time we checked it’s not like you can see the back of your head very clearly. We highly suggest not to try this one at home and to seek advice from a professional and book an appointment at the salon!
Whether you decide to colour your hair at home or book an appointment at the salon one thing is for certain, you can and will damage your hair so it’s important to ensure you are using quality hydrating products that will nourish and protect your hair during and after the coluring process, here are some of our favourites: