I hear you.
Obtaining and maintaining the perfect shade of platinum in your hair outside of the salon can be a challenge but I’m here to help!
As a hairdresser who spent a lot of time maintaining platinum tresses I have a few handy tips for you to keep your hair in good shape.


Make sure you look into where you’re going to have your hair done, do they work with a lot of blondes? Do they maybe even have a blonde specialist? These details can help you greatly when it comes to actually going platinum because you’ll find a hairdresser that excels at a certain aspect of their job will have little to no problem taking you through the process.

If you think you’re going from black to blonde in a 90 minute appointment because Kim K did it overnight, think again. Removing any kind of pigment from the hair whether it be natural melanin or artificial colour is going to have an effect on the overall health of your hair. If your stylist tells you that they can’t get you blonde in one session, BELIEVE THEM. They are trained to know what your hair can and cannot handle, it’s literally their job. Often times I’ve seen someone become upset at the fact that they can’t go white in one session because of existing colour and accuse the stylist of lying to generate more money. All I want to say about that is every stylist ever would rather spend more hours getting you to blonde than risk a lawsuit because your hair snapped at the roots. Be smart and trust your stylist.


The process doesn’t end in the salon chair. Home hair care is important for anyone having a colour service whether they’ve gone dark or light and if you want your hair to look salon fresh all the time, you need to be using salon products. They don’t use them on you just so they can sell them to you and the proof is in the pudding with that one. A toning shampoo may be suggested to you and these are great at keeping your blonde cool and preventing any yellow but don’t go overboard! These shampoos can turn your hair purple very quickly and I always suggest another shampoo that focuses on moisture and repair to alternate washes. This ensures you won’t be over toning your hair into a muddy purple mess and you’ll also be giving it a little TLC!




No one can do your colour better than your stylist right? But there’s still two weeks until your need to get your roots touched up! In between appointments are a godsend for platinum girls. There is nothing stopping you from running in and having your hair toned by your stylist at the basin to keep it fresh. This ensures its being coloured safely and you’ll get consistent results! Some stylists may require you to book for a blow wave at the same time but that gives you the perfect reason to head out on the town the same night!


These tips aren’t the be all and end all but they worked for me and my clients!