Blondes rejoice!

Finally, a heat activated smoothing product that isn’t going to send you brassy.



Let me introduce AGI ONE Violet Co-Wash.

Specially formulated to gently tame and nourish sensitised hair while neutralising brass during the process, AGI ONE Violet is a blonde’s best friend, however it can be used on any hair colour if the hair is compromised.


Working in the same manner and the with the same unique technology as AGI ONE Normal and Resistant, with the added bonus of a neutralising effect on yellow tones, our Violet solution smooths and conditions hair by releasing nano particles into the hair that work to repair from the inside out whilst creating a protective film around the hair shaft. Under thermal action, this protective film crystallises on the hair surface (thermal crystallisation) homogenising and setting even more conditioning agents into the hair. For blondes this is a dream. Lightening hair can be a challenge, keeping lightened hair healthy? Even harder.

With AGI ONE Violet, the work is done for you, all you or your client needs to do now is maintain the health that AGI ONE has given back to the hair.

AGI ONE Take home maintenance



-AGI ONE Violet contains coconut oil for added hydration

-AGI ONE Violet lasts between 3 to 5 months

-One bottle of Violet solution contains up to 20 applications

-AGI ONE Violet adds incredible lustre and shine to the hair

-Colouring of the hair can take place immediately after an AGI ONE service

-AGI ONE Violet contains no formaldehyde

-AGI ONE Violet does not affect colour application, or hair resistance


AGI ONE Violet Co-Wash


Our Violet Co-Wash process is a short one;

  1. Wash Hair with deep cleanse Shampoo
  2. Towel dry hair 80%
  3. Shake AGI ONE vigorously, pour product into applicator bottle or bowl
  4. Apply from front hairline to the ends, making sure to coat all the hair, paying special attention to the hairline and nape. Comb through, and develop for 20 minutes.


Violet Co-Wash applied to lightened, sensitised hair.


TIP: “ten minutes (halfway) through the process re-comb hair”

  1. Rinse off product and apply a small amount of conditioner or mask if required. Comb through and rinse off.
  2. Bring client back to chair and blast dry hair 100%, section hair in small sections starting at the nape, passing iron over 7-10 times with a temperature between 190-220° depending on hair quality.
  3. Style hair.


Amazing side by side image by Kristie Rifkin Hair, Bondi Junction.


Incredible before and after images from Elliott Steele Hair