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Our Top Five 2020 Celebrity Hair Transformations

We all know 2020 has been full of surprises and changes in the hair and beauty industry... well in every industry for that! We all feel the need for a major hair and beauty change sometimes and there is no better way than switching up your hairstyle! Whether it’s a colour, cut or style there is no better feeling than a hair makeover! We have done our research and looked at all your favourite celebrities for inspiration and found our top 5 favourite transformations.

Celebrity Hair Transformation 2020 Before and After, Sophie Turner hair transformation, sophie turner blonde hair

Sophie Turner – BLONDE Transformation

Sophie Turner took the plunge to blonde and discovered... Maybe blonde's do have more fun?

Celebrity Hair Transformation 2020 Before and After, Taylor Swift hair transformation

Taylor Swift - Curly Bangs

Taylor Swift found yet ANOTHER way to slay! Going for the natural, curly bangs; she has started yet another beautiful trend! Natural and beautiful.

Celebrity Hair Transformation 2020 Before and After, Lea Michele Hair Transformation

Lea Michele - Our Glee Queen

Lea Michele (Queen of Glee) refreshed her locks with blonde highlights for winter. We are obsessed with this effortlessly gorgeous look.

Celebrity Hair Tranformation 2020 Before and After, Kylie Jenner Hair Transformation

Kylie Jenner - Queen of COLOUR

Kylie Jenner has decided to step back from the colourful and bold pastels, blues and greens and embrace a sun-kissed caramelised brown. The beautiful natural colours have become one of the most recognisable transformations.

Celebrity 2020 hair transformation, Zendaya Hair transformation

Zendaya - Slaying as always

Zendaya went back to her natural hair colour (even though she rocked the red!) Let’s be real, there hasn’t been a single look on Zendaya we haven’t loved! But this look, “Just Wow!”

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