AGI ONE Violet | Why our clients can’t live without it

Blondes rejoice! Finally, a heat activated smoothing product that isn’t going to send you brassy.   Curious? Let me introduce AGI ONE Violet Co-Wash. Specially formulated to gently tame and nourish sensitised hair while neutralising brass during the process, AGI ONE Violet is a blonde’s best friend, however it can be used on any hair […]

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Everything You Need To Know About AGI ONE

AGI ONE Intense Liss. This years hottest Hair smoothing system is finally in Oz and we’ve got the answers to all of the burning questions this miracle treatment has uncovered. To start off, let me introduce AGI ONE to those who aren’t familiar. AGI ONE is the best thing to happen to hair smoothing yet! […]

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Top 5 Hair Straighteners This Christmas 2017

With so many heat protector sprays and creams on the market that add moisture and shine while protecting your hair, there’s no reason not to buy a new heat styler! Here are our Top 5 Hair straighteners for Christmas 2017 starting from most inexpensive;   1 Muster Professional Styling Iron $99 With Salontec heating technology […]

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Best Tips For Keeping Your Platinum Perfect

Platinum dreamers listen up! I hear you. Obtaining and maintaining the perfect shade of platinum in your hair outside of the salon can be a challenge but I’m here to help! As a hairdresser who spent a lot of time maintaining platinum tresses I have a few handy tips for you to keep your hair […]

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Pravana Colour Swatch

Pravana Chromasilks, Vivids, Pastels & Neons

Everywhere we turn we are seeing vivid hair colour. Vivid coloured hair was traditionally reserved for the young or rebellious at heart. Nowadays you walk down the supermarket aisles and see everyone – including the young AND the old sporting bright or rainbow hair. Vivid hair colour has now officially asserted its prevalence and it’s […]

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shatush clay bleach

Shatush Clay Bleach

If you’re not already using a clay based bleach for your balayage, you’re missing out. More and more salons are turning to clay based bleach for their freehand painting techniques. Unlike your regular silica (sand) based lighteners. Clay provides the optimal consistency and saturation for painting hair. When using granulated lighteners, you end up with […]

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4 Biggest Hair Trends of 2017

We’re predicting the 4 biggest hair trends of 2017. We’ve had a HUGE couple of years with the vivids coming into fashion. Honestly, we don’t think they’re going away any time soon. It’s so great to see so many people expressing themselves through their hair colour. “We connect with colors in life like never before. […]

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Hair of the Golden Globes 2017

Hair of the Golden Globes 2017 – What’s your Fave look?!

Golden Globes Hairstyles Golden Globes Hairstyles The entire team is back on board today from their holidays, so we have a full house! I thought we’d have a bit of fun today. There are some gorgeous looks surfacing around the internet from the recent Golden Globe awards (not to mention the sneaky kiss between Ryan […]

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Liss Ker

Everything you need to know about Fanola Liss Ker

From it’s long line of highly successful products Fanola brings us Liss Ker. What is Liss Ker? How do I use it? Is it any good? Why choose Liss Ker over other Keratin Smoothing treatments? – All your questions answered below! Ever since the explosion of the Keratin Smoothing treatment (think: Pure Brazilian, Brasil Cacau) […]

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