Everything you need to know about Fanola Liss Ker

Liss Ker

From it’s long line of highly successful products Fanola brings us Liss Ker. What is Liss Ker? How do I use it? Is it any good? Why choose Liss Ker over other Keratin Smoothing treatments? – All your questions answered below!

Ever since the explosion of the Keratin Smoothing treatment (think: Pure Brazilian, Brasil Cacau) There’s been a demand for a more affordable product with quicker application time which guarantees the same results. Gone are the days when clients were happy to sit in salon all day. These days clients are after instant gratification, top notch results, for half the price!

We think Liss Ker might be the answer. Let us give you the facts:

Liss Ker - The Facts
Liss Ker – The Facts

Why is Liss Ker revolutionary? 

Fanola Liss Ker is revolutionary due to the fact that before now, Keratin Smoothing / straightening has been an arduous task often taking hours in the salon. Now you can perform the same treatment in half the time with the same (if not better) result. It’s also half the price!

Liss Ker is Formaldehyde Free!

This is a tricky one because although a company might say that their product is Formaldehyde free, doesn’t mean it is. This is because Formaldehyde is a gas. Formaldehyde is released when certain chemical elements are heated or mixed with water.  The active ingredient in Liss Ker is Glyoxylic Acid which is an organic compound and will not vapourise into Formaldehyde Gas.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic gas known to cause cancer in humans in circumstances where they are exposed to larger amounts. Formaldehyde is a colourless gas with a sharp, pungent odour. (Sourced from ACCC – Australian Competition and Consumer Commission). You can read more about Formaldehyde here:

Suitable for all Hair Types! 

Damaged, Frizzy, Thin, Thick, Curly, Coloured or lightened. You can use Liss Ker on any hair Type!

Contains Keratin & Macadamia Oil!

Macadamia Oil: 

  • Is Reconstructive, adds much needed hydration to the hair and scalp
  • The Fatty Acids in Macadamia Oil adds shine and nourishment to the hair follicles which in turn fights off hair loss and brittle stands
  • Calms Frizz and detangles
  • Adds Strength and Elasticity


  • Hair is made up of 95% Keratin.
  • When you use a product such as this which contains Keratin Proteins – you are effectively replacing the missing / damaged Keratin in the hair shaft.
  • Patches frayed cortex of the hair
  • Smooths and locks down the hair shaft
  • Seals in Colour

How to use:

Below are written instructions for you to follow, there are also two links below with video tutorials so you can watch in real time! 

1.Wash hair with Botolife Shampoo ph 6.5 to remove residue and mineral impurities. Repeat if necessary. Towel-dry and remove 80% of excess water.

2.Wear appropriate gloves and separate hair into locks of 2 cm.

3. Use a  Tint Brush to apply Liss Ker to the lengths and ends, staring from the nape. After application, leave on for at least 20 minutes. Do not rinse.

4. Apply the straighteners at a temperature of 220°, straightening lock by lock, starting from the nape once again. Pass the straighteners at least 7 times over each lock of hair

5. Leave to cool and rinse thoroughly. Do not use the shampoo.

6. Towel-dry the hair and apply Botolife Mask ph 4.5

7. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse

8. Spray Keraterm Spray all over towel-dried hair

9. Blow dry

10. With straighteners: spray Keraterm Spray lock by lock on dry hair

11.Pass the straighteners over the hair


As you can see from above, Liss Ker is on par with the big Keratin Smoothing Players on the market but for a fraction of the price. For the aforementioned brands you can pay upward of 35c per ml for the smoothing treatment. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but when your minimum purchase is 1L… It adds up quite quickly. Liss Ker works out to 13c per ml and at an economical 300ml you can get it for $39.50!

The results speak for themselves.. See below. Make the decision for yourself. Get yours here: 

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