Top 5 Hair Straighteners This Christmas 2018

With so many heat protector sprays and creams on the market that add moisture and shine while protecting your hair, there’s no reason not to buy a new heat styler!

Here are our Top 5 Hair straighteners for Christmas 2017 starting from most inexpensive;


1 Muster Professional Styling Iron $99

With Salontec heating technology and curved plates to make straightening and curling an absolute breeze, this tool is a great inexpensive straightener to have in your arsenal.
The Muster boasts variable temperature control of 150-230 degrees to suit all hair types, as well as an auto shut off feature for peace of mind. These features are of course a fan favourite but we think what makes it such a great tool for its price if the oil infused ceramic plates designed to give smoother frizz free results. This iron deserves a spot among our top five for sure!


2 Diva $102.99

Diva Hair Straighteners have definitely built a solid reputation for delivering great results at an affordable price point. The Diva uses the latest Ceramic & Tourmaline technology generating negative Ions & far infrared heat to deliver smooth and shiny results. It’s super fast ceramic heating elements distribute heat evenly across the plates of the iron to create consistent results every use while temperature control, again, makes it suitable for all hair types. We believe this is  why it’s the heat styler of choice in many salons across Australia.


3 Silver Bullet Attitude $114.99

Let’s all admit it, Silver Bullet knows how to make straighteners and they know how to make them well. This iron is no exception to the rule. With friction free ceramic-tourmaline plates and ‘Advanced Surround Heat’ technology, the Attitude is designed for speed and longevity. Creating smooth hair in seconds is this tools specialty!
The Attitude also has variable temperature control great for all hair types which makes this heat styler, a major contender among other well known, popular brands and not one to be overlooked
when it comes to value for money.


4 Silver Bullet Keratin 230 $148.99

Silver Bullet on the list TWICE? You better believe it. This iron is like The Attitude’s over achieving cousin. It offers stabilized, accurate temperature control perfect for permanent and keratin smoothing systems but it isn’t a one trick pony oh no. This iron can reach temperatures of 230 degrees which doesn’t sound that special right? Except that when it’s teamed with the stylers floating plate design, it very quickly becomes one of the most efficient flat irons for thick and difficult to manage hair on the market. It practically glides through the hair like silk and all of my thick/curly haired girls know, we can only dream of an iron floating through our hair like they do in the tv ads.

5 EVY One Glide $299.00

MOVE OVER GHD. GOODBYE CLOUD9. There’s a new styler in town and if you haven’t heard of it yet, prepare to be seriously impressed. I left this iron for last not only because, yes, it is the most expensive on this list but also because this straightener leaves all other big brands in the dust. As a stylist and a thick haired client this iron is an actual dream to work with. From it’s user friendly digital temperature control to its weight and shape, this styler is honestly an iron everyone can (and will want to) use. What sets this styler apart from any of the brands above or any industry favourites so far? Simple; The technology. This iron is made with mineral technology, there are minerals literally sewn into the very fabric of this thing and it makes for some of the healthiest, most hydrated looking hair you’ve ever seen, don’t believe me? They have a Youtube channel showing the styler in action and the end results look almost photoshopped, in fact I’d say they were if it wasn’t a video and the model wasn’t moving.