Pravana Chromasilks, Vivids, Pastels & Neons

Pravana Colour Swatch
Everywhere we turn we are seeing vivid hair colour. Vivid coloured hair was traditionally reserved for the young or rebellious at heart. Nowadays you walk down the supermarket aisles and see everyone – including the young AND the old sporting bright or rainbow hair. Vivid hair colour has now officially asserted its prevalence and it’s here to stay!

The number ONE complaint from anyone who has ever had vibrant hair colour is that they cannot keep the colours from washing out or that it is too much maintenance to keep the colour vibrant.
Pravana vivids are the most vibrant and long lasting semi-permanent hair colours that are available on the market.
  • The best thing about Pravana Vivids is: They are difficult to remove.. The worst thing about Pravana Vivids is: they are difficult to remove. In most cases, the colour remains vibrant for months.
  • Pravana Vivids are a collection of colours from the Chromasilk family and are broken up into three categories. Vivid, Pastel & Neon. There are 11 Colours in the vivid family (this includes clear), 5 in both the Pastel & Neon with 3 out of the 5 neon shades glowing under UV light. (How cool is that!). The entire vivids range can be intermixed to create an unlimited palette of possibilities. Any shade can be made lighter with the addition of clear. Simply add clear until your desired colour is achieved.
  • Pravana vivids are non oxidative colour which means that they require no developer and are a direct dye. For this reason it is not recommended that you intermix the Vivids range with the Permanent Pravana Chromasilk Range. The desired result will not be achieved. Pravana Vivids are formulated with Silk Amino Acids and Keratin Amino acids. What does that mean? I hear you ask. Well, Amino acids act as a colour carrier to help drive colour deep into the hair’s cortex. Whilst Keratin Amino Acids strengthen the hair fibre which in turn helps colour adhere to the hair shaft. Exciting stuff…huh!

The secret to Pravana vivid longetivity is all in the application! The best application technique is outlined below.

  1. First you need to pre lighten the hair to the required level for the desired colour. (see below)
  2. For Wild Orchid, Violet, Magenta, Red or Orange you need to lift to a level 7
  3. For Yellow or Green you need to lift to a Level 9
  4. For Blue, Silver , Pink, Pastel or neon you need to lift to a level 10.
  5. If you do not lift to these levels, you will not achieve full vibrancy & depth
  6. Deep cleanse the hair with a clarifying shampoo twice (We recommend Pravana Deep Cleanse Shampoo), ensuring that all traces of bleach have been removed from the hair. This is especially important as the hair colour will not take as well to the hair if there are still bleach molecules hidden in there. We recommend Pravana
  7. Apply the chosen colour to completely dry hair using no developer
  8. Process for 20 minutes at room temperature do not apply heat
  9. When he hair has finished processing, lightly wash the hair in cool water with a sulfate free shampoo until the water runs clear.
  10. For an ultimate shine finish, give a Keraglaze treatment to your client before styling

If anyone is having trouble with the colour, it is usually because either,

  1. The Level that the hair was pre-lightened to isn’t high enough
  2. The porosity of the hair is too high
  3. Bleach / lightener wasn’t completely washed out of the hair before applying colour or
  4. Client isn’t providing the hair with the correct after care

To keep your vivids vibrant for longer, we recommend:

  1. Minimising the frequncy of shampoos.
  2. When applying shampoo, concentrate on the hair nearest the scalp & let the shampoo rinse through the rest of the hair.
  3. Use a Sulphate free & Paraben free salon quality Shampoo & Conditioner.
  4. Avoiding salt or chlorinated water.

If you’re looking for a high quality vibrant colour with excellent holding power then Pravana Chromasilk Vivids are your answer. They are quite an affordable, dependable colour to have in your salon. Your clients and staff will thank you for it. Don’t take our word for it! Take Guy Tang’s!

Our Current Pravana Opening Deal contains every colour in the Chromasilk Vivids range + a complimentary Colour Swatch and Nevo Intensive Therapy spray. Alternatively all the Chromasilk Vivids are available individually here

If you’d like to learn more about the Pravana ChomaSilk VIVIDS Locked-In Range

Pravana Training

If you’d like to learn more about Pravana colour, or see the colour in action, check our training and education page. Training with rockstar colour sensation Jodie Yakalis and Marie Nieuwoudt from Colour Placement Australia. The dynamic duo are currently doing the rounds of the East Coast of Australia teaching up a storm.

*Information taken from Pravana Connect, Pravana Information brochure & Colour chart